Ever been to a party with a great host? That's us.

Blazing fast. Extremely secure. And totally free.

What's hosting and why is it important?

Think of it like this: a brick-and-mortar business leases space in which to operate, right?

Well, the internet is the same way.

Web hosting is what makes your website available to be viewed by the public. Every website you’ve ever been to is be hosted on a server somewhere in the world.

In order to store your website and serve it up to your customers, you’ll need a web host.

Your web host provides you with space on their server and connects your website to the internet via a data center.

So you can think of web hosting as an online rent payment. 

Think of hosting with Popblocs as finding a place to rent or buy, in order to showcase your business on the internet. 

Why host with Popblocs?

Blazing-fast site speed

Your website will load noticeably faster with Popblocs thanks to the Google Cloud Platform.

Nightly Backups

Popblocs backs up your website every single night to ensure that your valuable data is safe and secure. If you ever want to revert to a previous version of your site for any reason, we've got you covered.

Free SSL Certificate

Skip third-party providers and protect your business and your customers with 256-bit encryption for data going back and forth between your website.

VPN Network

FLYWHEEl "From our servers to our support team, we’re focused on our favorite platform, WordPress!"

Hacker-free security

Using industry-standard encryption and other best practices, we promise to keep your sites safe and secure. And if they ever do get hacked—which is highly unlikely—we’ll clean ‘em up for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! Premium VPN Hosting is included with every Popblocs plan. You can learn more about our plans here.

Think of web

You bet. Actually, if you already have a WordPress website and you’d like to transfer to Popblocs ,we’ll be happy to to do it for you.

If you don’t have a WordPress, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Our team is excellent at cloning websites from other platforms and would be happy to do so for you as well.

20 GB of storage are included with your plan, which is more than enough for most businesses! Additional storage can be purchased in 10GB increments at a rate of $25/year. 

FLYWHEEL: “Yes, most likely! We’ve spent years architecting the Flywheel Cloud Platform to be the speediest option available for WordPress sites. In fact, we’re more than happy to move a copy of your site to Flywheel so you can compare it with your current host! If you’re thrilled with the performance, then we can help you choose a plan. 🙂

Oh, and did we mention that your site on Flywheel comes with much, much more than just great speed? Check out our pricing page for everything included with your plan!”

We back up files on two schedules: nightly and monthly. Every night we backup your website for safekeeping. Nightly backups are stored for 30 days, after which they are deleted permanently.And once a month, we download your whole website as a ZIP file and store it in our secure database. Monthly backups are stored permanently, meaning that if you ever want to call up an old version of your website, we can do that.

Yes! Just hover over the ellipsis icon on the right side of the backup you’d like to download. In the dropdown menu that appears, you’ll see the option to create a download of that backup.

FLYHWEEL”We back up everything in your WordPress folder, including all uploaded files (/wp-content/uploads). We also back up the site’s database.”

FLYWHEEL: “Backups are stored offsite on a completely different set of servers than your live site.”

Got a question about hosting we didn't answer?

Click here to book a meeting with a Popblocs designer and we’ll be happy answer any additional questions you may have about hosting (or anything else)!